Social Skills Groups

Run by experienced speech pathologists and occupational therapists, our group programs focus on helping kindergarten and primary-school aged children develop their social language and sensory-motor skills within a fun, play-based setting.

Our group programs are child led and play based. Play is a time of interaction, experimentation and expansion of ideas. It is a time of engagement, emotion, storytelling and socialisation. It is also the primary way that your child will begin to develop meaningful peer relationships and friendships. For these reasons, children require repeated opportunities to develop and practice play skills within a variety of naturalistic settings.

Our experienced therapists provide online facilitation within natural peer play interactions to enable your child to achieve his or her individual goals. Parent feedback is given at the end of each session and a written progress report is provided at the end of each term.
Group numbers vary from 2 – 6 children depending on your child’s individual needs.

Children are required to attend an informal assessment prior to enrolment in the program in order to determine suitability and individual goals.

Group programs are available during the week or on Saturdays. For more information, please contact us .