School Holiday Programs

Social Skills Intensive Holiday Program 

5 X 65 minute sessions

Help support the development of your child’s play, social and language skills in a fun, natural, play based setting. Our groups provide children

with repeated opportunities to develop and practice play skills within a variety of naturalistic settings. Our experienced therapists provide

support within natural peer play interactions to enable your child to achieve their goals.

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‘Skills for School’ School Readiness Program

“SKILLS FOR SCHOOL” is designed as a targeted practice time to help your child learn important classroom skills before they get to prep.

If your child is starting prep next year?

How can you prepare them for the best start?

What does the “SKILLS FOR SCHOOL” Readiness Program target?

Important pre-literacy skills including:

  • Letter knowledge
  • Sound awareness
  • Syllabification
  • Print knowledge 

Fine motor skills including:

  • Pencil skills and grip
  • Scissor control
  • Writing own name
  • Functional listening and auditory processing skills
  • Attention for classroom and practice at sitting still tasks
  • Tactile awareness
  • Following classroom routines

The program is run by both Occupational and Speech Therapists who will work with your child to give them the best start to school possible.

6 X 130 minute sessions

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Ninja Skills Training Program

6 x 65 minute group sessions, or 6 x 60 minute individual sessions

Improve motor, academic and social skills with our Ninja Training Program!

Designed by our Occupational Therapists, this fun sensory-motor program helps build skills to allow your child to be more confident and proficient in the playground and other environments.

This program also assists your child to practice interacting with their peers in a sports program.

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“Once Upon a Time” Narrative Program

6 x 65 minute sessions

Run by our Speech Pathologists for school aged oral and written language practice.

A fun and engaging program designed by our speech pathologists targeted towards primary school-aged children. This program aims to develop strong oral language foundations through storytelling, it also foster growth for school success through information retelling, vocabulary learning, expanding knowledge, writing and comprehension.

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